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Former Member
Sep 22, 2006 at 03:53 PM

How to get Header data into multiple times along with the Line Items


Dear All,

I have problem while mapping the Header data and line item data to the flat file structure, Header data have to repeat along with the Line item data in the flatfile.

Details is below.


Header record is one



Line items are two



I want in the flat file two records having duplicate data in the fields which is belongs to header data

Like :

Record # partner data Line item data

Record 1 : WE name1 city 00010 materialname1 156

Record 2 : WE name1 city 00020 materialname2 198

( WE name1 city - data is same in the record 1)

For this what I did is I mapped the node E1EDP01 to the flat file message type node then I got all the line item data and first record is with header data but not in the second record.

I tried all node functions but no result because Idoc itself header data exists one record, I am not able to copy.

If any one knows , please give solution.

It is great help to me.

Thanks in Advance.