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My SAP ECC 5.0 server is slow

hi all,

In my organization My SAP ECC 5.0 (IDES)server is very slow. how can i get the actual reason why my server is slow?

can anybody suggest me what procedure i have to follow.

waiting for your help..............

Thanks in advance,


Hardik Patel.

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2 Answers

  • Sep 22, 2006 at 10:42 AM

    Hi Hardik,

    You can get info about performance in ST03N, you can also check memory usage and swaps at ST02, check OS(CPU, memory, etc...) at ST06 , check DB at DB02

    Hope this help!


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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hello Hardik,

      Assuming your problem is with SAP GUI users and not batch, generally, I'd start by looking at ST03N Workload Overview and looking at the daily average dialog response time. It should be < 1 second. If it's not then I'd look to the right at the average times for CPU and DB and see where the time is being spent. Generally CPU would be < 200ms, DB < 600ms, and the remainder is roll time and GUI time. If CPU is high you may need a CPU upgrade or need to spread users out accross more servers. If it's DB, then your DB may need a CPU upgrade, may need more memory for cache, or more disk spindles to handle the IO. More likely, you have some bad code that that is using a lot of resources when it runs. It doesn't take many of these programs to make the system slow.

      If you look at ST06, detailed analysis, previous hours... CPU should be <65%, Memory KB paged in/hour should be < 25% of physical RAM, and queue length for each disk (press the Disk--/++ button should be < 1).

      I'll recommend a good book that should help. It's SAP Performance Optimization Guide, by Thomas Schneider, from SAP Press. I'm not affiliated with SAP Press or the author, I just like this book.

      Hope this helps.


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    Sep 29, 2006 at 06:46 AM

    Dear Hardik,

    There may be several reasons.First of all u will have to find out that reason.There are some following reasons.

    1) Hardware insufficient.(in this case u need to check and upgrade hardware requirement.)

    2) Insufficient buffer or swap space,due to this your CPU utilization increases.It causes wait time.You can check buffer utilization by T. code St02 and CPU utilization by ST06.

    3) Last reason may be your expensive SQL statements.Which unnecesarlly holds the CPU and creates

    deadlock situation.For this You will have to find out the programs which are having high responce time.You can use ST03 tcode.

    Go to responce time.

    Hope this will solve your problem completely.

    If you find this answer helpful then plz revard me appropriate points.


    Aditya Kumar

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