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Sep 22, 2006 at 07:05 AM

Taxnumber trubles


Dear all,

We're using a CRM 3.0 in a mobile Scenario with a direct connection to

oure SAP R3 Enterprise from where we recieving the customer datas.

Now we have the a problem with the tax number verification.

We found out that another department changed customer datas in

that way, that they entered tax numbers in fild taxnumber1 or 2.

In oure R3 System there is no verification of tax numbers, because if

you enter f.e. a number into tax number 1 for the netherlands there is

no warning message or error message, even the field in spro - country settings - other data is checked.

After saving the changes the customer datas are send to the CRM. Here occures the error, because for the netherlands the tax number category NL1 does not exist.

The spro settings are the same as in R3

My question now is, why is there a tax number verification in CRM and

not in the R3? Is there any possibility to swith it on in the R3 / switch it off in CRM?

The unchecking of the spro field has no effect on the error messages.

Thanks a lot for your help!

With kind regards