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Former Member
Sep 22, 2006 at 06:24 AM

Inner Join issue


Hi everybody,

Can we inner join 4 tables at a time.

i have used the following code,

select amatnr amtart bwerks blgort cabcin diblnr

into table rep_data from

mara as a inner join

mard as b on amatnr = bmatnr inner join

marc as c on cmatnr = amatnr inner join

iseg as d on dmatnr = amatnr

where a~matnr in s_matnr

and a~mtart in s_mtart

and b~werks in s_werks

and b~lgort in s_lgort

and c~abcin in s_abcin.

Is It correct, or changes to be done or

iS there any code to do this.