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Sep 22, 2006 at 03:58 AM

user auth. using SSO2 with EP


we are using SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) to authenticate users into our BSP application on a R/3 Web Application server. Users are expected to log in to the EP with their username/password. When EP authenticates the user based on those 2 criteria, it then links to the BSP app using a predefined user id and password.

This would be fine if our application was only a single BSP page. The user is authenticated to the 1st page of the application. However, when the user tries to navigate through the application they get a popup asking for a R/3 user id and password.

We have engaged SSO2 cookies and as far as we can tell they are working. We used the test described here to verify that they are working:

In the onInitialization event we are trying to use the if_http_response object to get the MYSAPSSO2 cookie. Unfortunately when do a get on this cookie name we are not getting any value.

We ran a trace and found that the browser was recieving the command for a Keep-Alive Cookie with the name MYSAPSS02, as opposed to just setting a regular MYSAPSSO2 Cookie. When the cookie is sent from the BSP application as a 'Keep-Alive' cookie we can not see the cookie's value using the get_cookie method on the if_http_response.

Why is that?

Is there a way for us to interact with the MYSAPSSO2 cookie (for example change the path).