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Sep 21, 2006 at 09:04 PM




I need to initialize the infosource 2LIS_11_VASCL on a new BW system called System C. This system has been created as below :

System A (current BW production System) has been copied to system B (new BW development system).

System B (new BW development system) has been copied to System C (new BW production system).

One init has been done in System A (one entry exists in table RSSDLINIT).

One init has been done in System B for testing.

Now, in System C, I see entries of both systems A and B in the scheduler of the infopackage (initialization options for source system). In table RSSDLINIT, I can see also those 2 inits.

In R/3, there is only one entry in RSA7 related to system A.


1) Do the entries that are in System C are the result of the several clients copy between systems (from A to B to C??)

2) Can I delete those entries in system C without any risks on the delta queue related to system A ?

3) If I tried to exectute Infopackage for the init in system C, I received a message saying that deltas are already loaded for request coming from system A. This is normal because it is our current BW Production system.

Thanks for your help,