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Former Member
Sep 21, 2006 at 08:55 PM

Minimum Order Surcharge/Net Price Not Equal


Hi Experts!

I have an issue with an invoice. For a sales organization, we have a minimum sales order of $2500, which has been met in my sales orders and invoices; however, it is still charging the "Minimum Order Sucharge". If the order does meet this $2500 requirement, then the surcharge will be applied as the difference. For example, when I looked at the header conditions in the sales order the "Net Price" above where tax is displayed showed $3597.39. However, in the condition table, condition type PNT2 shows a "Net Price" of $3180.68; which is a difference of $416.72. This is the exact amount of the minimum order surcharge amount. The numbers in the condition table are displayed as the color "blue" instead of black like they normally are. I do not know if this means anything. I have checked through the rest of the sales order, delivery, billing, etc. and all looks correct. My concerns are, why was there a minimum order surcharge, when the requirement of $2500 had been met, and why the "Net Price" above where "Tax" is in the condition header; is different from the "Net Price" in the list below (PNT2 condition type). I am on SAP 4.7. Please advise Urgent!! Thank you in advance!