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BW 7.4 create multiprovider on infoobject without key figure for reporting


We want to create a multiprovider on a master data InfoObject (which does not have a key figure) for reporting purposes. We have found that creating an insulating or abstraction layer between modeling objects and reporting objects offers flexibility and simplification in the reporting layer.

When trying to create a multiprovider on an infoobject (without a key figure) activation is impossible because a key figure must be included in the multiprovider definition.

Is there a workaround in the multiprovider definition for this, that does not involve adding a "dummy" key figure to the Master Data infoobject?

In these MD infoobjects there is no requirement for key figures and we would prefer not to add a key figure to the info-objects that we want to report on because of the re-activations involved.

We have considered creating reference infoobjects as reporting objects but would prefer the multiprovider approach that works so well with Cubes and DSOs.

Your offer of suggestions or solutions is kindly appreciated.

David Schuh

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4 Answers

  • Apr 04, 2017 at 10:43 AM


    Why don't you create a composite provider (type of union) and select as a partprovider your info object?

    You don't need there any key figure ...

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    Apr 04, 2017 at 03:46 PM

    Andrey, Thank you very much for your reply;

    Our BW is 7.4 but not on HANA (yet).

    Our need is to create this reporting layer is prior to our conversion to HANA.

    As I understand it from trying your suggestion and reviewing docs on the web is that Composite Providers require 7.4 on HANA.

    So I don't think that it can work for us at this time. Unless I am missing something (we have not worked with Composite Providers yet).

    One workaround I've tried is to create a very simple DSO with 1 key figure and a characteristic 0CO_AREA for example.

    I've been able to create a multiprovider on my infoobject + this DSO that seems to be working. But, It also seems...shall we say "kludgy".

    Many thanks for your reply. Still hoping to find an elegant solution.

    Kind Regards
    Dave Schuh

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    • Hmm, didn't know that HANA is required for creating CP.

      May be open ODS view, as abstract figure, will help (again, I don't know if HANA required or 7.4 only for OOV ...)?

      I mean create an open ODS on the table of MD (even on view of MD) and then report directly on open ODS (without needing any KF).

      If it won't work then I don't know any "eelgant" solution.


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    Apr 13, 2017 at 10:24 AM


    I think a MP always require at least 1 mapped key figure.

    Maybe the logic can be apply to a InfoSet since a KF is automatically created (of course performance wise this could have a negative impact).

    Hope it helps;


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  • Apr 18, 2017 at 05:55 PM

    Hi David,

    Depending on you version fo BW / Service Pack The "InfoObject as InfoProvider" should provide Numbers of Records as a key figure in Query Designer when creating query.

    If you HAVE to a MultiProvider over the InfoObject, create a new Attribute Key Figure as integer. (Use a Fixed Unit of Measure ES = each, if desired.). In the DataSource to InfoObject transformation, set the value to "1" as a constant.

    The key figure should be available in the MultiProvider.

    Let us know your final solution.

    John Hawk

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