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Sep 21, 2006 at 05:07 PM

Pricing related error : IPC - Imp



While creating an order in SAP CRM 5.0 we get the following error: <b>“document C2E70A9668409B4C8F0844997649A3B7 not existing”</b>

<b>Has anybody also faced such issue before?</b>

Debugging showed us that it’s an IPC related error and it is coming because of the absence of some IPC related RFC destinations. <b>In SAP CRM 5.0 do we need need to create some RFC destinations to enable IPC capability ?</b>

<u>The problem scenrio after debugging has been listed below:</u>

In the FM “PRC_INT_PRICING_PROCEDURE_INFO”, the system makes a call to FM “SPC_GET_PRICING_PROCEDURE_INFO” which is present in a different system. The RFC dest for this FM is present in gv_vmc. This variable is set in the subroutine “SET_GLOBAL_PARAMETERS”. This subroutine fetches the value of gv_vmc from “GET_DESTINATION” method in “CL_VMC_UTILITY” class.

Class “CL_VMC_UTILITY” and Method “GET_DESTINATION” fills up the Internal Table “FALLBACK_RFC_DESTINATIONS” with the RFC destinations.

(It tries to fetch the RFC destination form the Database Table “SVMCRT_FB_DEST”. But no RFC destination has been maintained for the IPC application. Above table is empty in our scenario. Which might be required to fillup the below internal table ‘FALLBACK_RFC_DESTINATIONS’)

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