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Sep 21, 2006 at 11:43 AM

executing a model object?


Hi Gurus,

In the onQuery method of OVS help given,

<i>public void onQuery(IWDNodeElement queryInputNodeElement, IWDNode queryOutputNode) {

IPublicTestUser.IName4Element input4 =

(IPublicTestUser.IName4Element) queryInputNodeElement;</i>

IWDNodeElement is type casted into IPublicTestUser.IName4Element.

Can any one give me some clues upon this functionality.

When I tried for similar scenario I am getting exception as "java.lang.ClassCastException".

My custom controller has an input model node and NameN Value Node.Value entered by user is available in NameN.

I want to pass this to BAPI as input parameter.

Using the OVS code as reference I have written the following code:

<i>IWDNodeElement element = wdContext.currentNameNElement();

IPublicCust.IYyh190_Test_InputElement input = (IPublicCust.IYyh190_Test_InputElement) element;</i>

Then Iam getting this exception "java.lang.ClassCastException".

Can you please correct me if I am wrong or let me know whats happening here.

Answer given in this executing-model--deep-structure-in-importing-param was helpful in understanding this concept.