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Sep 20, 2006 at 10:00 AM



Well after getting stuck for days i hope to get some help from the community.

I am doing a Proxy-XI-Proxy Sceanrio, but anyway, even with the given demo examples i am getting following error message:

  <SAP:P2>Not Found</SAP:P2> 
  <SAP:P3 /> 
  <SAP:P4 /> 
  <SAP:AdditionalText><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>404 Not Found</TITLE> </HEAD><BODY> <H1>Not Found</H1> The requested URL /sap/xi/engine was not found on this server.<P> <HR> <ADDRESS>Oracle HTTP Server Powered by Apache/1.3.22 Server at csghhsap02.c1-group.dom Port 80</ADDRESS> </BODY></HTML></SAP:AdditionalText> 

I followed several Blogs and Posts for solving the problem. I did like this:

1. checked the pipeline Url in the SLD for the IS, its http://>host>:8020/sap/xi/engine?type=entry

2. checked the HTTP-Port in SMICM to make sure its not the J2EE Port. Result: 8020

3. in SXMB_ADM i made sure, that the connected Business Systems (message from Clnt105 to Clnt 106) have dest://XI_INTEGRATIONSERVER in the global configruations (instead of getting it from the SLD)

4. after checking the service in SICF i tried another port like 8001, 8000 but even this makes no differnece

In SICF testing 'engine' i also receive following error message:

	<SAP:Error SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
<SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace=""/>
Die Pipeline-Id , welche in der URL als Wert des Attributes "type" erwartet wird, existiert nicht in der Integration Engine (URL = /sap/xi/engine?sap-client=100)

I guess i surely forgot to post other made trys but maybe you can help me solving this problem.

Please don't post that much links, believe me, i read nearly everything to this issue!!

Looking forward to ur help, thx!!!