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Sep 20, 2006 at 09:15 AM

Broadcasting feratures


Hi Friends,

if any one knows following Questions(Issue), help me what is reason and how to do.

Q1) Quarters in Calendar hierarchy should show as a Hierarchy as 20061(nothing but quarter 1 in 2006)

but I want in my result area as 2006 Q1

is this possible how to do this.

Q2) What is” Filter by control Query” option in the Information Broadcasting.(navigation filter tab in bcast)- Need details.

Q3) When the results of a view are sent through the information broadcasting, only the Initial result of that Query (on which the view is built) is broadcasted. Should broadcast the results of the view.

send me if you knows answers

Q4) Ad-hoc Query "Execute" before save. Without saving query we can present but

I want Users should get a warning message to "Save" be for presenting result(When presenting without saving)

I need warning message is this possible

How? let me know