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Sep 19, 2006 at 06:00 PM

Error when posting credit memo in current year


Hi all,

When I am trying to do credit posting to an asset in current year it is giving me follwing error. Can someone help me what can be done.

Balance for transaction type group 10 negative for the area 01

Message no. AA629

Asset affected: 000170009993-0000


With the transaction entered, the balance for the transactions in group 10 in area 01 will be negative in this fiscal year. However, the balance of transaction type group 10, according to its definition, must be positive in each fiscal year.

System Response

The system rejects this posting.


Check the transaction type, the amount and the fiscal year in your posting. If you want to post a credit memo to an acquisition from the previous year, then use a transaction type for a retirement. If necessary, you can change balance rules after talking with your SAP consultant.