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Sep 19, 2006 at 04:17 PM

Difference between Constant and Variable window


Hi all,

What is the difference between Constant window and Variable window.I am not observing difference between them.I created two pages(page1 and page2) with 3 WINDOWS(Main,const11 and var11) and I inserted 8 lines of text on each window.But all the 3 windows are capable of holding 4 lines of text only.I included all those above 3 windows in both pages(Page1 and Page2).In page attributes for Page1,I included 'Page2' for next page and for page2 I included 'page2' for next page.

when I executed the form.I am getting constant texts in windows Const11 and Var11 for all output pages.I got 4 pages as output.

But what I learnt is constant windows contains constant text in all form pages and Variable windows contains variable contents in all form pages, in which they appear.But to my surprise variable window also contains constant text like constant window.That means the texts on both constant and varilable are same on all ouput pages( 4 pages of output).