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Sep 19, 2006 at 12:24 PM

A gap between iViews in a page


Hello all,

Usually the topLevelNavigation is in the framWorkPage as an iView.

We created a new page (wide:narrow)

in the wide column inserted the topLevelNavigation iView, in the narrow column: our company logo.

The problem: there is a gap around both iViews in the page.

<b>How can we get rid of this gap?</b>

Here is a picture of the new page:

a" target="_blank">">a picture

By the way:

in the iViews and the page: the property 'Add padding inside tray' is checked as NO.

In the theme --> Portal body --> we changed all the paddings and margins to 0 px. we think it didn't help cause this page is not a part of the portal inner page and therefore not part of the body (?)

Thanks for any help, Adi.