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SAP Administration (BASIS) Learning

Hello Friends,

I am new to sap administration, can anyone guide me how can i learn sap administration, which books are best for me as a beginner.

i have just moved to sap administration team , current system is on ecc 6.0 ehp 4 - mssql and soon we are planning to upgrade to s/4 hana.. Should i work on s/4 hana administration or learn the old and then move to the new. Which books are good to buy to help me learn better.

Which book is best for learning.

Which book/ training is best for certification

Please advice.

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    Mar 26, 2017 at 06:04 PM

    Hi again Abdul,

    This is also frequently asked, and the answer is.... it depends.

    Will your employer spring for formal classroom training (or e-classroom)? If so, that's probably the ultimate route to take. Most of the system administration classes are going to be oriented toward HANA-based systems these days, but not exclusively so. Have a look at the curriculum for SAP System Administration - AS ABAP General and SAP HANA Installation & Operations for ideas. You'll note that the foundational classes in the HANA curriculum assume you already have some Basis experience and/or training, and that the foundational classes in the System Administration track are mostly taught on HANA systems, so there's a lot of overlap there. With that in mind, my opinion is that you're probably best off starting with the more general System Administration curriculum.

    If you're more of a self-paced guy, wanting to just access the course content online yourself, SAP does provide an option for that with Learning Hub. It's not free, but for roughly the price of a 5-day Basis course you can get access to pretty much the whole curriculum to peruse through on your own. Time-limited, of course, it's not forever. Check out

    Also in the self-paced/online arena are the OpenSAP courses. These run at specific times of year, and I don't think there's a Basis one available right now, but keep an eye out for one in the future at

    You mentioned books, and many of the best are published through SAP Press. They aren't the only game in town, of course, and friends of mine have published Basis or ABAP books with other publishers, such as Espresso Tutorials. Still, check out to see their catalog.

    Beyond that, I'm sure you probably want general advice about a route to take, and I'm sure you will get numerous responses with often-conflicting advice. This is where "it depends" comes in. What is your existing background? What are you working on right now (you gave some hints about this)? And where do you see yourself or want to be in five years?

    It's my opinion that a Basis administrator or consultant really also needs to be an accomplished database administrator. Once you get to the HANA world, HANA will be your database, essentially, so you'll need to know how to manage that. But in the meantime, you're working in a SQL Server environment, and knowing how to manage SQL Server will be critical, and such skills will translate into generalized "best practices" later when you get to HANA. So, I would recommend looking for Microsoft courses about SQL Server database administration (check out their recommendations for the MCDBA certification for an idea of where to focus), and also look for books on that subject.

    It doesn't hurt to know something about managing the server OS (i.e., Windows Server) as well, and a general understanding of how networks are put together never hurts. When you get to HANA, you'll probably need to learn something about Linux (unless by then they have a version for Windows -- who knows?).

    Hopefully this has given you some food for thought.


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    • Hi Abdul,

      C_TADM55_74 looks like the right one (or _75, but I don't think it's available yet), but double-check whether a Cloud Certification subscription will work for that. I think that one may only be available via a training/testing center at this time. You might want to call or write in with a question to double-check before you spend any money on the subscription.

      As for preparation, yes, the TADM10, TADM12, and TADM55 classes would help you prepare for that. How much you need to go through depends on your own background and experience, but as you are new to SAP System Administration, it probably would be a good idea to go through all three before spending money on an exam. However, I caution I'm not a certification expert, by any means, I'm just someone who has worked in this field for a long time.