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Former Member
Sep 19, 2006 at 06:05 AM

Forecast from APO-DP to APO-SNP



I am new to APO and i have the following requirement.

'The APO-DP time bucket profile(zprofile) does not include weeks so it is not possible to transfer the forecast in weekly buckets using the standard logic. The standard logic allows for a daily or monthly transfer only'.

I have got the following solutions,

1)There is a SAP enhancement APODM017 that can be used to change the standard forecast transfer buckets.

2)Also the SAP help for Badi "/SAPAPO/SDP_RELDATA" says:

"You can use the CHANGE_RELDATA method to process the demands released from DP to SNP (quantities or dates). You can also change DP-specific data here, such as periodicity"

I am not sure about how to get the monthly data using which i can code a logic to split it into weekly data.

Any suggestion on this would be very helpful.

thank you,