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Former Member
Sep 18, 2006 at 09:16 PM

Need to obtain cancellation fee through sd_salesdocument_change



I'm new to this forum. Let me explain my scenario. We process sales order and quotations through ISA R/3 Edition(B2B).

Our company has managed such that in sd (va02), when an order qty is reduced or cancelled, it adds new line item with the cancellation/change fee.

If the initial qty was 10 and I reduced it to 7, then 2 line items will appear, 1 with qty 7 and the corresponding price and 2 with qty 3 and the change fee.

However, when I try to reduce the qty through ISA or even se37 (using sd_salesdocument_change) it does not bring back the additional line items that va02 throws.

Anybody has approached this problem?