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Sep 18, 2006 at 02:51 PM

eCATT Parameterization Problem.



I'm having a problem trying to parameterize a SAP GUI command I've recorded in SAPGUI mode. The recording should be used to expand a node on a tree component, both the node and tree ID should be parametized so that the recoding can be used to build a template test script.

When I use the recording as it was recorded it works fine at expanding the tree node so it was recorded correctly. Now I tried to parameterize the command something like the following using the exact tree id as recorded as the parameter value:

I_TREE_ID = 'wnd[0]/usr/tabsG_ROOT_TAB/tabpTREETAB_0201/ssubTABSTRIP_SUBSCR_0201:/USE/SAPMDSM3:0202/cntlG_ROOT_CTRL/shellcont/shell/shellcont[1]/shell'.


For some reason the expand_tree_node now fails with an error that the tree component could not be found. From the error feedback it seems that the last part of the tree id

'.../shell/shellcont[1]/shell' was changed to '.../shellcont/shell/shellcont' which is really stange and is probably the reason why the command fails, or at least so I think. Any comments or suggestions on how to get this working would really be appreciated.

Kind regards

Ettienne Hugo