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Sep 18, 2006 at 02:37 PM

Delivery class of a table


Hello everyone

I have two database tables (Z-tables) with different delivery classes. One has "A" as delivery class and another one has "C" as delivery class.

These tables are modified by a program. These have to be modified only from DEV client and not from QAS and PRD.

Whenever I change any record for first table (with 'A' as delivery class), it prompts for a workbench request, whereas another one (with 'C' as delivery class) will prompt for a customising request. I think we need to have a customising request when we are going to change the records or adding new records to the table.

What is to be done here? Should i make the delivery class as 'C' for first table also? Will it make any difference to the table and its contents? please reply immediately.