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Sep 18, 2006 at 01:33 PM

Problem moving Setup Package on CD Rom


We are using MI25 SP18 with Setup Packages. The Setup Packages is created successfully and it works.

We want to burn on CD's the folder "CLient", coming from the unpack of the, and all his subfolders on CD-ROM, in oder to make more easy for the end -users the installation process.

In this way theyy should only double click on Setup.exe to start the installation, without to unpack before the

We burn the Client folder on CD several times, but never the resulting client MI25 works.

We tryed also different CD format like ISO 2 or UDF, and activated the options to relax the lenght of the files and the maximun sublevel folder allowed.

THe result is always the same. THe installation from CD seems to work fine, but the MI25 client doesn't start.

THe error is alwasy 'Time Out 61, Cant connect to server'.

We compared the size of the Client folder on disk and on Cd ROm and we see always on the CD Rom are missing about 1 MB of data respect the size of the same folder on disk.

We need to know:

1) Are there know problems to put the Setup Packages on CD ROm ?

2) Are there special features to keep in consideration trying to put the Setup Packages on CD ?

3) During the installation process the installation Wizard maybe try to update in some way the CD-ROm from where the setup is run ?

Or the CLient folder is used only in read mode ?