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Sep 16, 2006 at 02:30 PM

Solution for Content Server single file recovery?



since the Content Server data is stored in the SAPDB its not possible to restore a single file without restoring the whole database.

I'm currently trying to find a way how to do this however. My idee was to create a new instance and to restore it from the production database. But it seems thats there is no way to install a new instance from a backup <b>and</b> apply a log to reach a particular point in time.

I performed the following steps:

1. I created a instance configuration from the production parameters and change only the data file names.

2. I performed a restore from media - a 2 days old online backup of production database

3. Without restart of instance I now would like to apply additional logs. But the option in the wizard is deactivated for this operation.

I would suggest that the wizard disables this option because the database is reset by the backup. But I'm sure it must be possible to apply logs from another database - for example in a cold standby scenario.

Perhaps ony of you knows a solutions for this or a complete difference way how to restore a previous state of a instance in another database.