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Former Member
Sep 16, 2006 at 12:48 PM

Hierarch Authorization


Please tell me the way to make hierarchy authorization for profit center and use it in report

i know some steps please correct

1. go to rssm and define authorization object and

2. then select radio button object and hit create and

3. select 0profit_ctr , 1kyfnm and 0tctauthh and move to right side

4. now go to pfcg and assgin to the role (Dfin_rftx) of profile all these 3 0profit_ctr , 1kyfnm and 0tctauthh

5. after this assign the authorization object to infocube

can u tell me how to create auth.variable in report for profit center hierarchy since when i go to report and see infoobject 0profit _ctr it does not show me the hierarch auth variable so where is it we create that.

please help