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Query on Agentry Application URL in SMP 3.0

Mar 24, 2017 at 04:14 PM


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Dear All,

I have a small question , rather a confusion which I wanted to clear.

I want to deploy Service Manager application in SMP 3.0 Server.

1. I created an file with all the necessary files and folders.

2. I deploy the application in SMP

3.The I use the URL to access the application https://<hostname>:8081/SAPCRMSM

so SAPCRMSM is the name or the ID which is picked in the URL ?

I have read that its the name which is SAPCRMSM in this case

4. Now suppose I deploy the same zip file with below details

Here when I will run the application what I should use

https://<hostname>:8081/SAPSM4.2 OR

https://<hostname>8081/SAPCRMSM ??

Again when we deploy the zip file the production file contains

SAPWM-v1-0-0-app.agpz OR

SAPCRMSM-v1-0-1-app.agpz ...

Does the URL depends on the name which is mentioned in the application export ??

I have always maintained the id, name as its provided in the standard application , by referring the application export and .jar file.

Hence I am little confused now that which gets picked when I run the URL

Please clarify this doubt.

Many Thanks

Neha Mahanty

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2 Answers

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Bill Froelich
Mar 25, 2017 at 05:35 AM

By default the App name from the editor will be used. However you can override this by setting the URL path in the Application Specific Configuration settings. This will allow you to deploy the same application to the SMP3 server multiple times without conflicts.


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Hi Bill,


That's why I was deploying with a different id but the URL was working only with SAPCRMSM, it was using the appname from editor.

I will also try to change the URL path and check.

Many Thanks


Sudhir Lenka Mar 24, 2017 at 06:56 PM

Hi Neha,

As per my knowledge, the URL should always depend on the App. name you mention in the Application Definition in Eclipse.



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Hi Sudhir ,


Now I understood, That's why I was facing the issue that even if I was changing the id name , the url worked only with SAPCRMSM, as this was the name of application in the Editor .

Many Thanks