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initial sales order qty table and filed in sales and distribution

Dear experts,

There is a requirement from client to create a report of orders(ZREPORT ) with initial quantity. For this we should capture the initial order quantity of sales orders. i.e I might received an order for 100 qty and would have changed it to 80 or 50 or any… So the solution can be at the time sales order saving, a separate custom table to created to capture the initial value because standard SAP tables will capture the changed values.

generally in sales order level we can check what is the old qty and changed qty.

so in which table intial qty will be save and what is the field name.

i have searched many tables but i didn't get proper solution.

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2 Answers

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    Mar 24, 2017 at 02:58 PM

    I am really surprised to note that you have searched but could not find a solution. All change logs you can see via CDHDR (header table) and CDPOS (item table). In your case, since you are looking for quantity change, you need to pass VERKBELEG in CDHDR against Change Object field so that you will get some Object Value which should be passed on to CDPOS so that you will get a report of changes

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    • I can only imagine that's because OP searched "tables" instead of Google. Google -> "track order changes" -> 19700 results.

      By the way, this won't capture the situations when the customer goes for a different quantity even before the order is saved. E.g. a customer calls in to place an order, gets a price quote or ATP date and then goes "yikes, I guess then I'll order less". This won't be in the change documents because it's technically not a change.

      Rather ridiculous report if you ask me, especially if you are not capturing the reason for change (there is really no way to do that other than an item text and those are nearly impossible to analyze). This is something that should be simply discussed regularly with the sales team. They would be the ones to know not only when changes are made but also why.

  • Mar 27, 2017 at 06:26 AM

    Dear G lakshmipathi,

    Thanks for the reply..

    generally we can come to know in order level changes is done or not?

    Go to environment>>changes and select item go to choose here we can see OLD qty and new qty.

    but our client business scenario is ..

    once the order is created 200 qty in system.the net value will be some amount(ex:1000).

    before dispatching the goods based on the stock availability they changed into 200 to 150 and dispatched 150 the net will be in order level for only 150 qty(ex:750).then they inform to customer and they'll depositing only for 150 qty(750).

    so our client is saying in customized report level add initial order qty(200) against the billed qty then they come to know how much pending.??

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