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Data replication works fine, but no workprocess is active

Hi all,

We are running ERP/CRM replication to HANA using SLT without any problems.

Actually, it runs very stable and fine. We are on DMIS 2011_1_731 0011.

Everything runs fine.

SLT runs fine for days, weeks, months.

Every day I check the status of the jobs, I check whehter COPA Accelerator is filled and actual, I check whether CRM Order table has the correct amount in CRM and in HANA.

It's all fine! :D

Overview page tells me that the master job is running fine.

Who am I to doubt??

Okay, I see everyday in the application of the SLT MT-ID that there are error in the sender protocoltab, that it could not get updated. But that's no harm. One hour later, there's no protocol error, and the entries are all in sync.

But.....lately....something happened, which puzzles me.


It's solved, puzzles me. It bothers me.

What happened?

I had to update the timezone settings in HANA, as mentioned in some HANA Blogs and KBA's. (Big thanks to Mr. Breddeman!)

So, I have to add some tables to the replication for the MTID.

That's no problem.

Really. It works fine and it's not a rocket science nor any wizardry or witchery.

So I entered those tables, told them to get replicated(not only loaded).....and usually, those tables are more obedient than my kids...and I went checking after 3 minutes.

Three Minutes. That's a lot of waiting time. I mean, in three minutes you can do....a lot. A real lot. Like...having a coffee and getting a burned tongue. Develop a new financial report in SQL and formatting it perfectly to CEO's needs and expectations. Re-desing the world. OR doing other miracles.

So, I went checking...and...those three tables were not set to "in replication".

They were set to......

"PLANNED". are planned. That's actually good.

They're not in error.

They're planned.

I've never ever seen the status planned before, but okay. I have kids. No panic.

Don't panic. Peanuts and a towel.....yes, got that with DON'T PANIC.

Give it another 5 minutes.

Checking other tables in HANA, in ERP, Checking CEx9000 in COPA. ALL FINE.

Updated realtime.

No user is calling me. Everything is correct.

Time for a coffee. (without getting burned lips)

Back for checking. Those tables are still in status "planned".

**************(censored words)

and then I did something that I have neglected for one week.

I went checking in SM37 the *IUC* Jobs.

No job active. No job active! No Job active!?!?!!!

What the.....*******

Oh...I have to enlarge the time to check for those jobs in SM37.

Yesterday....(all me jobs were fine)....No jobs for yesterday. No Beatles at all.

Enlarged the time slot a little week ago, the *IUC* jobs crahed.

And restarted. Automatically. Same goes for the master job.

That master job is really a running for 400K seconds. In Green.

It is running, I can confirm, as fresh data is ready for reporting within 5 seconds.

"Good boy, SLT" I thought. So...errrrm.

What do I do now?

Data replication: realtime, up and running.

Data is correct.

3 tables in planned, and no change in status.

They remain planned.

But I need them.

Okay, decision finding....

To stop and restart the SLT MT-ID or not, that's question.'s not a question, nor option. It's the only way to go.

Stopped all MTID.

Stopping went fine.

Restarting all replication for all MTID.



SM37: *IUC* jobs are running.

Checking my 3 "planned" tables....

Now they are being replicated.

Okay, so I sorted that out.

There's not really a problem.....except one problem. Or a question. Okay, it could be just a doubt.

That little voice in your head...asking:

Why did the replication go on as the *IUC* replication jobs failed, the master job (which restarts usually each day - well designed by SAP)had failed and just ran for more than one week...and most of all:

Why havent I gotten any errormessages? Notifications? Hints? Anything?


Will it happen again?

Has anyone else experienced such a thing?

best regards


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