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Accessing Fiori LaunchPads with different Clients with one Single Application

Dear Experts

Our client is having two gateway clients for example 200 for HR and 220 for Logistics applications (In Gateway), because the User Id's are different in the Back end system, but whose client is same. So in the Backend they are accessing HR apps with one user id and MM with another user ID but the client is same.

Coming to Fiori , they created 2 clients for HR and MM hence they have two launPads URLs with different clients.

We build a UI5 app, by creating a ux3 Shell with two navigation Items each loading LaunchPad on click using iFram embedded in HTML core element.

This application we are using via Fiori Client. Hence we can navigate to two launchPads


This solution is not mobile friendly and not recommended also as we have facing loading issues and refreshing takes much time.... so many in iOS devices.

Though we informed to client , we do not have better solution apart from this and they have two use Fiori client with one LaunchPad URL and change to the other URL for accessing MM based applications.

May be they have to extend Fiori Native client and customize the same and launch on SMP server from where they can access Fiori LaunchPad , even I am not sure if this approach works fine with SSO and all other aspects.

Please suggest if you know any better approach.

But as per my knowledge Fiori Client must be accessible for One LaunchPad with one client

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  • Hi Vankat,

    Can you share the business reason that they use different user ID in the same client?

    Is this correct understanding?

    + I have to logon with user HR0001 to access HR

    + I have to logon with user MM0001 to access MM


    Masa / SAP Technology RIG

  • Hi Masayuki

    Thank you for quick response.

    Correct they are using different IDs inside the ECC system for accessing different domains like MM and HR etc.

    The reason is they wanted to keep separate the for each domain. That was designed long back and they have HR apps with one gateway client which is in production already. Now they wanted MM Apps into Fiori but they do not want to club the Apps with the HR Tiles in launchPad. Hence they created a new GW Client for the MM Apps. So another launch Pad URL for MM Apps.

    Instead of switching the URL's they need a application (With Just performance equivalent to Fiori Client) which hosts the Two launchPad's (MM and HR) side by side. This is where the trouble started.

    We created another common client in Gateway for launching common UI5 app with ux3 shell with two navigation items that is not working properly as ux3 is not mobile compatible and the library can not be used for mobile.

    As per my knowledge we can not design such application using UI5 app.

    Instead we can recommend to Customize the native Fiori client which can take care of these two launch pads.

    Please suggest how we can go in this situation

    Thanks and Regards


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    Mar 27, 2017 at 03:14 AM

    Hi Kalyan,

    How about building 2 custom Fiori Clients with the fixed URL? Users will have 2 custom Fiori Clients on their mobile device.


    Masa / SAP Technology RIG

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