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Sep 13, 2006 at 01:33 PM

Cluster Maintenance View - How to inherit automatically from upper tables?



1) I have two tables, let's say ZHEADER and ZITEM.

2) In SE11 I created independent maintenance view for both of them.

3) In SM54 I created a cluster ZCLUSTER in which I defined ZHEADER as parent and ZITEM as item and set all dependencies fields.

Now when I use SM34 to maintain both tables together when, after selecting one of the parent table's records and moving to the item's table, when I add new entries I have to manually fill all fields, even the ones which also belong to the parent table. This is most inconvenient and annoying.

How can have these fields inherit its values from the parent table?

I tried adding some events both to the Cluster and to the independent maintenance view of the items table but still didn't get it right. I'm lost.

Thanks in advance,