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Updating Interaction Contact data in Hybris Marketing

Hi, guys!

I'm in ON PREMISE Hybris Marketing scenario and I'm trying to update my contacts uploading a .CSV file from a third party.

Ex: I got a Contact from SAP ERP (with ID, name, email, address) but I have more informations from OTHER SOURCE that I would like to have, so I can use in my segmentation like "have kids" (yes or no) , "live by itself" (yes or no). I will import these additional informations manually via ABAP (CALL FUNCTION 'CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT' ) with a .CSV file.

Question: can I update just the additionals contact interaction informations? (I don't want to change or overwrite the informations that come from ERP).

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3 Answers

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    Mar 27, 2017 at 12:15 AM

    Dear Kamilla,

    CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST_FLAT: main purpose is to create Interactions, if the Interaction Contact does not exist, it will be created. So you could use this FM to create interactions too.

    Example: when importing twitter posts, you import these as Interactions. In case no Interaction Contact exists for the imported Interaction, this will be created.

    As to your question about the custom fields:

    CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST_FLAT contains the following extension includes: INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IA_ROOT and INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IA_IC.

    CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT contains the following extension includes:INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IC_ROOT which contains INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IA_IC.

    • INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IA_ROOT Extension Include for BO Interaction (Root Node)
    • INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IC_ROOT Extension Include for BO Interaction Contact
    • INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IA_IC Extension Include for BOs Interaction + Contact (Root Node)

    If your custom fields were added into INCL_EEW_CUAN_CE_IA_IC, they should have been available in both FM. But consequently they would also be available in both root tables of the Interactions and the Interaction Contacts. It is a choice you have to make. If you want to maintain/update these custom fields only with the Interaction Contact FM (e.g. they wont be updated as Interactions from external sources), you should try to run/ re-run CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT with different values to see whether the fields get updated properly.

    You can always delete a IC and it's IA in your system.

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    Mar 24, 2017 at 01:30 AM

    Dear Camilla,

    I saw that you are using CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT, in case you would use CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST_FLAT which can also be used to create Interaction Contatcs you can use "Update Mode of Interaction Contact", and set that to 'D', and do Delta updates. Most of the fields are similar to the ones used in CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT.

    Based on my own test, when you use the same origin_id/id it is possible to just set the fields using CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT, but sometimes updates do not get processed cleanly. When you are handing over data from the records of the CSV file to the table IT_IC_IMP_EXT_FAFL of the FM CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT, just hand over the information in your extra fields only.

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    • Former Member

      Hi, Komur!

      Thanks a lot for your answer.

      I got another doubts based on what you wrote. I didn't know it's OK to use CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST_FLAT, to create Interaction Contacts. I wonder if this can modify the whole concept and structure of Interaction Contact, using only as "Interaction".

      But the main problem I see now is: using "Custom Fileds" app on yMKT, I created more than 80 custom fields as "Interaction Contact". Of course, these custom fields ONLY show up on CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT. They don't appear on CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST_FLAT. So, in this scenario, I would have to create all the custom fields as "Interactions" to be able to update them?

  • Feb 09, 2018 at 01:04 AM

    Hello Kamilla,

    We are having a similar scenario to update the extension fields in Interaction contact using .csv file without changing or overwriting the information replicated ERP. Could you please let me know if you were able to update with the function module "CUAN_CE_IC_POST_FLAT"?

    Thank you in advance.



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