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EPM Formatting sheet Inner/Outer dimension

Mar 23, 2017 at 07:00 PM


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Hi Friends,

I have 2 dimension in rows and I wanted to format the header for Profit center dimension with a border.


Account1 Profit center Level 1

| Profit center Level 2|

I have applied formatting to the header Level 2, (apply format to inner dimension). What i have noticed is it puts the border for the 1st dimension too (account). is it a bug or its behaving the way its designed.


Account Profit center level 1

| | | Profit Center Level 2|

as a work around i have used conditional formatting (create a rule to apply no borders if the value is NULL) to remove the border from the account dimension.

Is there a work around for this situation.

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4 Answers

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Vadim Kalinin Mar 25, 2017 at 06:38 AM

If you are talking about "Apply Format to option: If a row or column axis contains more than one dimension, you can specify to which dimension you want the defined format to be applied; the inner dimension being the last dimension, the outer dimension being the first dimension in the axis." then it's not working :) And to my mind will never work - different interface has to be designed to support different formatting for different dimensions in same axis.

Use conditional formatting with the formula to get a column number:


to format second column.

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Vadim Kalinin Mar 23, 2017 at 08:49 PM

Sorry, but do you really think that it's possible to help you without clear screenshots? Or you have no time?

P.S. And the question tag is incorrect, has to be: EPM Add-In for Excel

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Edward Masarri Mar 24, 2017 at 02:55 PM

Thanks Vadim for your reply.

Attached is the screen shot of a simple report with expected result and the actual result with the formatting sheet selection. capture.png

Currently I am using conditional formatting to remove formatting of the first dimension in the row structure.

I will check if I can update the tag for this question.



capture.png (88.3 kB)
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But why do you expect the mentioned result?

Edward Masarri Mar 24, 2017 at 04:31 PM

Thanks Vadim.

The original report has bigger drill down in the profit centers with other formatting too. When we print the report it does not look good, as the formatting gets extended to the empty cells of the first row

When we specify "format on inner dimension" we expect it to be formatting on a single inner dimension. not both the dimensions. (i hope that is what it means)

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"When we specify "format on inner dimension"" - how? what do you mean?


In the epmformating sheet, there is a radio button, which shows formatting to inner dimension or outer dimension.