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Incorrect Market Share Calculation

—Incorrect Market share calculation.The following example shows how the data looks like in backend. There is one Manufacturer who does business in only one division not in other ( in my example I have two divisions ). We need to calculate their share of sales by Division and Overall ( Global) . We are able to calculate correctly at division level for Manufacturer PG but not correct calculation at Global level. The reason is illustrated in NEXT slide showing how Total Market Size is incorrect against PG at Global level.

Below is how hana view looks like.

zfdki.png (114.3 kB)
v7qsd.png (277.9 kB)
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  • Thank you in advance in helping me out here.... either sql script or via GUI.

  • Please, this is a classic requirement dump. Show us what you have done, provide a reproducible example (create table statements, demo data inserts, etc.) and where you are stuck.

    Don't just dump what you are supposed to build here and hope that other people do it for you for free.

  • Mr. Lars, I showed HANA view that I created and sample/similar data that it contains. There is issue with Join as I cant get Total correctly. The correct answer is use of dynamic join. I did not mean to offend you here. I should have explained more. I thought showing view which I created and what kind of data it has along with issue that I am facing was good enough.. Its not requirement.

    I am sorry I could not meet your expectations. You don't have to approve this question since you have authority. Not sure how customers feel about your response and confidence to share their situations.

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