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Sep 12, 2006 at 07:50 PM

ports stop


On my XI 3 server (Win 2k3 / DB2) , http://xi3:50000/sld says "page can not be displayed". SLDCHECK returns LCR_LIST_BUSINESS_SYSTEMS error.

I checked for solutions at SDN and applied advised solutions without any success.

netstat shows that the port 50000 is not running. So I rebooted the server and restarted teh XI instance. Now netstat shows that the ports 50000 and 50004 are listening. So I try the above URL and it thorws 500 Application Stopped error.

After a few minutes I did a netstat one more time. THis time I could not see the ports 50000 and 50004 in teh list.

Please advise ASAP.


Bhaskar Ghandikota