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BW F&R source system connection - source does not exist


We have refreshed our EC, BW & F&R Development systems (from a QA copy, which is a TDMS slice of Prod). We have been able to restore our source systems in BW for both EC and F&R.

We initially had some issues with the InfoProviders & transformations for our EC source system, but we overcame this by running a combination of RBDLS2LS, RSTRAN_BDLS & RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE - these now work.

However, we still cannot get the InfoProviders to work in our F&R source system. If we try and display or change them within RSA1 we get an error: Source does not exist (Message no. RSTRAN803). I.e. a blank source name.

When we run RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE we get many activation errors such as:

Object 'ZFR_W_AGG_ORD_FC_MAX_TRAN FRDCLNT001' (ZFR_W_AGG_ORD_FC_MAX_TRAN FRDCLNT001) of type 'DataSource' is not available in version 'A' (Message no. RSO252)

Source RSDS ZFR_W_AGG_ORD_FC_MAX_TRAN FRDCLNT001 not active (Message no. R7000)

Yet we can see in RSA1 that the FRDCLNT001 does appear to be active/no errors when running a check. If we do an Activate (and 'Replicate As Well') it all looks good, but again, when we look at the InfoProvider, we get the same issue.

We cannot activate them 'manually' via RSA1 as we get the error about the source system not existing when we try and make a change.

A 'Restore' in RSA1 yields the same results.

The Logical System in WE20 shows as active, in BW and F&R.

There are no 'rogue' entries in tables RSBASIDOC and RSTRANS between the systems.

All the RFC connections between BW and F&R are working and authorisations checks are successful.

All the steps from "886102 - System Landscape Copy for SAP NetWeaver BW" have been followed, we've ran all the reports:


As well as FM:

Any suggestions please?


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2 Answers

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    Mar 28, 2017 at 10:08 AM

    It seems the main issue we had was due to the sequence of events we'd done - we'd tried to connect a refreshed BW system to a source system that hadn't yet been refreshed and had a mismatch in client numbers. We'd had to delete the source system and recreate but still had issues. We then refreshed the source system and had to do conversions on that, and ended up with two incorrect logical system numbers in several tables.

    The solution was to delete both FULLY from the BW system using report RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_DELETE (deleting manually from RSA1 was insufficient), and also disconnect from the source system end by running RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT there.

    This removed all duplicate logical system entries (for example, from tables such as RSOLTPSOURCE) and we were able to connect a new source system without issue.

    NB: It looks like RSBKDTP was a 'red herring' - it seems it should have had old logical system names it in still (for transport conversions?).

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  • Mar 24, 2017 at 11:29 AM

    We have now noticed that table RSBKDTP does still have some incorrect entries in it (FRACLNT001 and FRDCLNT020) - the programs RSBKDTP_BDLS & RSBK_REPAIR_BDLS do not appear to be changing these...

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