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Sep 11, 2006 at 01:08 AM




I have to update Infotype 1016 using the BAPI FM "BAPI_HRMASTER_SAVE_REPL_MULT".

Two tables need to get updated, HRP1016 & HRT1016.

The Data in the HRT 1016 is a Table Data for Record in HRP1016.

Say: Orgunit O 10000001 has two standrd Profiles..

IF I go to PP01 and create the two standard profiles,

I will have a single record in HRP1016 which has a TABNR field value generated.

Now for this TABNR, I have two record in HRT1016 each corresponding to one Profile.

I need to create these three ( 1 + 2 ) entries using the FM.

The FM has Input structure BAPIHR1016 which allows only one profile per structure. Also it asks for the TABNR field, which I donot know until the actual creation.

If I send one profile & TAB_SEQNR as 00001, its working fine, generating a TABNR for me.

But when I send two records in the FM, one with TAB_SEQNR 00001 & other with TAB_SEQNR 00002, the second one is overwriting the first one, and I have only the second profile assigned.

Please help to solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Suryakiran D.

I Passed the REF_TABNR Field in the BAPI STRUCTURE.

Say some value "ABCDEFGHIJKLM".

For the first record I send TAB_SEQNR as 000001, for the second record, I will send TAB_SEQNR as 000002.

The Key Data (HRP Data) remains the same for these two records.

The TABNR Field is also same for these two records which is the "ABCDEFGHIJKLM".

With this, the FM works fine.

It generated a new TABNR for me in the Database, the HRP1016 got created with this TABNR, the HRT Table has two records for this TABNR.

But, how & why did it ask for the TABNR when it is of really no relevance....?


Suryakiran D.

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Message was edited by: Suryakiran Devavarapu