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SAP ByDesign bank charge

Mar 23, 2017 at 08:53 AM


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I use SAP BYD and I have an issue in bank transfer. When I pay account payable via bank transfer, I want to include a bank charge in the same accounting document.


Dr. Account payable 1,000

Bank charge 100

tax 8

Cr. Bank account 1,108

Would you like to tell me how operation should I do?

Best regards Mikiichi

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3 Answers

Annapurna Vunnam
Mar 24, 2017 at 04:52 AM

Hello Mikiichi,

You can include Bank charges during Outgoing Bank transfer only in case of country version "Japan".
Please refer to help center document: “Configuration: Bank Charges".

In case of other countries, you cannot differentiate the bank charges from payment amount as of now. Bank Charges Paid By field in the Outgoing bank transfer will propagate/intimate that whether initiator/beneficiary is going the pay the bank charges.
We give only information about who is going to pay the bank charges but, not the amount.

Best Regards,


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Former Member Mar 24, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Thank you for your reply, Annapurna!

According to the help center document, I set all bank charge amount as follows.

Bank charges Paid By is Initiator and I click Complete Bank Charge, but 0 is displayed in Bank Charge.

If this document is posted, bank charge is not recorded.

Do you know where am I wrong?

Best Regards,

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HANG LEI Aug 02 at 01:09 AM

Hello Mikiichi and Annapurna

I have the same problem.Did you make it ?

I am using the country version of Japan. I have set the Outgoing Bank Charges.

When I click the "complete bank charge" on the Outgoing Bank transfer screen , information will show as below

"Bank charge not found for this payment amount."

How can I set it ?

Best Regards,


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Hello Lei,

You need to fill all the data in the outgoing bank transfer and click on 'Complete Bank Data' and then click Action 'Complete Bank Charges' and then try post the outgoing bank transfer.
The 'Bank Charges Paid By' field gets updated with information from the Payee master data when the 'Complete Bank Data' is clicked.

Best Regards,



Hello Annapurna

Thank you for your kindly response.

As you mentioned above, I clicked 'Complete Bank Data' and then clicked Action 'Complete Bank Charges'. But still nothing in the Bank Charge at the New Outgoing Bank Transfer screen.

Where else can I check ?

Thank you.

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