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SAP Personas 3.0 : Inspector inside a table


1. I was following the video around "How to do a loop in table" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov7ildHAjGM

In this video around 2:51, the guy selects with the inspector a particular cell in the table.

When I try to replicate this in my system (I'm on Personas 3.0 SP4), I cannot select a particular Cells , I have only the possibility to select the table but cannot go inside.

I looked at OSS but couldn't find anything.

2. I tried to go around the problem as I want to set some specific value inside the table.

So I did a record but how to change the specific value with a parameter in the script:

session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/subSUB0:SAPLMEGUI:*/subSUB2:SAPLMEVIEWS:1100/subSUB2:SAPLMEVIEWS:1200/subSUB1:SAPLMEGUI:3212/cntlGRIDCONTROL/shellcont/shell").executeWebRequest("post", "action", "622", "row_index=1&column_id=AFNAM&value=user", null);

--> I want the value User replace by a parameter.


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2 Answers

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    Apr 05, 2017 at 06:43 AM


    I just putting the solution that I found with the help of Tamas answer.

    In the inspector, when selecting the table, there is different function like this one which help me a lot: .getColumnName:

    I assigned a variable and displayed the result of the column Name of index 5 for example.

    So after I could use properly the method modifyCell to update a value of a specify cell:

    for example in ME51N, for the first line:


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  • Mar 24, 2017 at 09:47 PM

    That video is almost two years old, and Personas changed a lot since then. Now it is not possible to use the object picker to select a cell, and this was disabled for technical reasons and to avoid confusion with row numbers when large tables with multiple pages are involved.

    If you want to access individual cells, there are specific methods for the table control, such as getCellValue and modifyCell to achieve the same.

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