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How to use another destination location to determine TCM when Charge Type Resolution Base is ROOT?

Mar 23, 2017 at 02:04 AM


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Hello Experts,

I have the following problem:

I need to calculate transportation charges with rates depending of charged or utilized volume (m3) on resource, and destination zone. For this, I am using the actual_volume as calculation rule. In the rate table, I have configured two rate scales (Source Zone and Dest Zone) in order to have different rates depending on the destination location.

For example:

Rate 1: ZONE-A / ZONE-B / 300$.m3

Rate 2: ZONE-A / ZONE-C / 350$.m3

The charge type is set with ROOT resolution base so that the system considers the whole capacity used at header level. Therefore, as resolution base is root, the Destination Location/Zone will be the same as the Source Location/Zone (LOC-A). This is because the vehicle's resource leaves the location where it is housed, then it goes to LOC-B (for example) to deliver goods, and finally arrives to the same location of origin (LOC-A) due to return stage.

This is a problem because the system will never able to determine Rate 1 or Rate 2.

Do you know any way to change the destination location that is determinated of the standard way?

Alternatively, how could I use the total charged or utilized volume (m3) on resource from header level to calculation charges, if the resolution base is STAGE?

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Clark Huang
Mar 24, 2017 at 03:02 AM


Standard don't support to change the destination location. Also in business wire, i think only one charge A to B is not enought.

Suggest to use the resolution base "STAGE". System would check the total charged/utilized volume in stage firstly, if not value , then go to header level. The final result would be two charge A to B and B to A both use TC/UV in header level.

Best Regards

Clark Huang

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Former Member

Hello Clark,

Thank you for your response.

Ok, I understand that is not possible change the destination location when resolution base is ROOT.

Now, I did not understand how I can make that the system only consider the total charged/utilized volume which is saved at header level when the resolution base of Charge Type in calculation Profile is STAGE. Could you give me more details please?

The problem is that if I use STAGE level as resolution base, the system will multiply the actual_volume by rate on each transportation stage, generating a incorrect total cost.

For Example:

If a rate for ZON-A / ZON(B/C) is 300usd...

LOC-A / LOC-B (50m3) --- C(stage 1)=50*300=15000usd

LOC-B / LOC-C (20m3) --- C(stage 2)=20*300=6000usd

LOC-C / LOC-A (0m3) --- C(stage 2)=0*300=0usd

Total Cost= 21000usd

This is incorrect, because which I want it is that the total cost is only 15.000usd (rate* total charged/utilized volume), using STAGE as resolution base.

I hope that you can help me.



OK.Now i know the requirement is charge only in the first stage not for all

Sorry for that i don't know the standard solution for it.

One possible way is create a custom Calculation Base to get the destination of first stage. Then resolution base keep the "Root".