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Sep 08, 2006 at 06:34 AM

Mail notif to Support Team


Hi Guys,

For a newly created Service msg, originally sending the mail notif. to the <u>Key User</u>. But now i need to change it by sending mail to <u>Service Team</u>.

This is what i did in SPRO:

1. Partner function in procedure (view COMV_PARTNER_PD3)

Setting for <u>SDSM0003 Support Team</u> are follow:

a)Changeble = 'x'

b)Min = ''

c)Max = '1'

d)Select. Limit = ''

e)Calendat maint = ''

f)Changeable Addr = 'x'

g)Address for trans = ''

h)Stand. address only = 'x'

i)Trigger from address = 'x'

j)Access sequence = '0600 Organizational data:

Support team by org.model'

k)Determination time = '0 occuring'

l)Block Determin. = ''

m)Characteristic Grp = '0 Generally valid group'

2. Action definition (Tcode SPPFCADM)

Action definition = 'Z_SEND_MAIL'

Action definition's Partner funtion = 'SDSM0003'

After the above, i did created new service msg. But no mail triggered. I checked on the service msg's Action tab, action 'Z_SEND_MAIL' <u>did not</u> triggered at all!!!

Pls comment on what i did wrong, or steps i missed.

Thanks in advance.