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Sep 07, 2006 at 08:38 PM

CO-PA Delta Initialization Questions


Hi to all,

At this moment I have followed the "How To CO-PA Extraction" and I have a complete Data Flow. For testing, I made a Delta Initialization with only one Period (006.2006) and it tooked 1h 30m aprox. We need to load the last two years, then yesterday, I made a new Delta Initialization (I deleted the previous one) with the period 001.2005 until 012.9999. At this morning there was a timeout error.

I have readed some SDN topics related but I have some questions:

1. It´s possible to have Multiple "Delta Initializations" for example one for each period and in the last period, to have the last "Delta Initialization" with the interval 008.2006 until 012.9999. After that, to have an InfoPackage that we´ll use to make "Delta Updates" daily.

Is this procedure correct?

2. Bhanu Gupta in a previos topic recommends "You can Initialise the Delta Process and check the flag for Initialise without data transfer. Subsequently use full loads with selections". But I have questions: When I initialize the Delta Process without transfer data I will put in Data Selection 001.2005 until 012.9999. After that I will make multiple "Full Updates" for each period (For example 001.2005, 002.2005 until 007.2006). The last should be a "Delta Update" with the interval period 008.2006 until 012.9999 and I will have "Delta Updates" daily after that. Is this procedure correct?

If both procedures are correct, which one is the recommended? If are incorrect, which procedure can we implement?

Thanks a lot!

Luis Jorge Castro