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session breakpoint vs external breakpoint

what is the difference between the two. How to give hard breakpoints? How is it different from the other two?

How to remove only the external breakpoints or only the session breakpoints from a program.

Please cover both (differences and removal methods)




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2 Answers

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    Sep 07, 2006 at 05:52 PM





    2. BREAK-POINT f.

    Variant 1



    The BREAK-POINT statement interrupts the processing and diverts the system to debugging mode. You can then display the contents of all the fields at runtime and also control the subsequent program flow.

    If the system is unable to branch to debugging for some reason (due to a background job or update), it generates a system log message.


    After the BREAK-POINT , the system automatically performs any restart in the database, if no COMMIT WORK was executed. Since debugging sometimes switches off COMMIT WORK , you should not place a BREAK-POINT statement in a SELECT loop.

    In the editor, you can also set a breakpoint dynamically without making any changes to the ABAP/4 program. These dynamic breakpoints are valid only for the current user in the current session.

    Variant 2



    Behaves like variation 1, except that the field contents of f remain in the event of any system log messages.

    for removal Break-points

    Utilities >Breakpoint >Set/Delete



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    • to quote from SAP help..

      "If you set a breakpoint in the ABAP Editor, for example, this breakpoint is a session breakpoint. Session breakpoints remain active independently of the existence of a Debugger and are valid for all external sessions of a logon. Within the Debugger, you can convert a debugger breakpoint into a session breakpoint and vice versa"

      "User breakpoints (previously known as external breakpoints) are valid for all user logons on the current server of the current system. User breakpoints are specifically required when debugging BSP or Web Dynpro applications. In these cases, you do not log on using the SAP GUI but via a browser, for example. Therefore, any breakpoints must be set before logging on.

      User breakpoints are only valid for a period of 2 hours.

      As of Release 7.00, user breakpoints set for BSP or Web Dynpro applications are also valid for SAP GUI logons.

      Within the Debugger, you can convert debugger or session breakpoints into user breakpoints and vice versa."


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    Aug 27, 2010 at 05:07 PM

    Session debugging is your usual debugging, I expect session break points are only valid during your session

    External debugging triggers ABAP debug, when interacting with web pages. So when the web page requires a call back to ABAP, and you've set an external breakpoint in that code, a debug window pops up.

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