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Sep 07, 2006 at 03:05 PM

Appraisals workflow



I am trying to configure workflow for Appraisals and not able to. These are the steps I have followed:

1. Go to PFTC (Tcode) for workflow templates such as 12300109,12300110,12300111,12300113,12300114,12300115,12300116,12300117,12300119,12300120,12300121,12300122,12300124,12300125,12300126,12300127.

2. Activate the event linkages.

3. For all tasks, which aren't background tasks, has to be defined as 'General task' there.

4. Activate the required workflow events once during system setup.

PHAP_ADMIN_PA (Tcode)--> Utilities --> Event Linkages.

In the column Type linkage active, place a check mark next to the events you want to activate and click on the activate icon.

5. PHAP_CATALOG_PA (Tcode --> Select the required Category Group --> Category --> go to 'Status Flow' tab --> 'Status' subtab ---> activate the status by checking them.

In the same subtab, go to 'Events' subtab and select the required workflow events.

6. Select the required template under that --> Select 'Status Flow' --> For every 'Status' and 'Substatus', select the workflow event.

But after following the above steps, when I create Appraisal and proceed with, I am not able to make the events trigger.

Can anybody help me to provide me the documents or required/ additional steps to make it possible?


Suraj Kumar