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Sep 07, 2006 at 05:58 AM

Comparing data from 2 tables


Hi All,

This is a JDBC-Prooxy scenario. I used a JDBC sender adapter to pick records from the table and used a proxy to to pass the data to R/3 and called a fuction module in R/3. The scenario worked fine as expected.

Now the problem is there is another table in the database which contains the history. Now I need to compare the records in 2 tables and pass the data to R/3 if a record does not exist in second table(This can be done by a select querry), but if a record exists I need to check for "amount" field again. If the amount in history file is lesser, the record has to be passed with the amount(difference between the first table and history table). If the amount is also same, I should not send the record to R/3.

How can I achieve this? Where can I do these comparisons and pass the data to R/3?

Thanks in Advance.


Jai Shankar.