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Former Member
Sep 06, 2006 at 03:53 PM

How to set the First Line of Table UI in Web Dynpro ABAP


Hi Team,

I have a scenario where I'm displaying two Table controls one below the other. When a line is selected in the first(Top) table, I have a supply function(Event) and I fill the second(bottom) table. Everything works fine till here.

The problem starts when I scroll the bottom table. Lets assume that I'm at line 20 of the second table and I press the lead selection to select another line on the first table. Here the second table is filled with new data but it is automatically scrolled to line 20. My questions:

1) Do I have to set some specific property of the second table? If yes, which one and where should I set it (In the supply function? I already have the "visibleRowCount" set to "10")

2) How do I dynamically get access to the Table Control properties?

Thanks for your time