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Sep 06, 2006 at 02:01 PM

Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7


I am currently learning how to use Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.0. My employer gave me the file to install a trial version along with pdf files with tutorials explaining how to use it. I am having trouble with the tutorials that involving scripting. Though I copy the script code directly from the pdf and follow the instructions. I have a hard time getting it to work correctly.

The one that I have had the most problem with is the tutorial entitled "Providing Interactive database lookup from forms." It can found at this address: I followed the instructions to create a new data connection from the mdb file provided. There was a script to populate a drop down box that I was able to get to work after changing the syntax a bit. However the script that is on the button to execute the query I couldn't ever get to work.

Here are the instructions copied directly from the pdf.

13. Select the Refresh object. In the Script Editor, choose the following:

• Show: click

• Language: FormCalc

• Run At: Client

14. In the Script editing area, type the following code:

if (Len(Ltrim(Rtrim(SelectField.rawValue))) > 0) then

$sourceSet.DataConnection.#command.query.commandType = “text”

$ = Concat(“Select * from OfficeSupplies Where ID = “, Ltrim(Rtrim(SelectField.rawValue)) ,””)

//Reopen the Dataconnection



Whenever I click the button I received the following error:

Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Also does anyone know of where I can get good information about how to script these forms to integrate with SAP? Thank you for your help.