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Sep 06, 2006 at 01:55 PM

Proceeding after SPS 9


Hi together,

we have published an OSS collective note (#978148) to describe the poceeding after SPS 9. We have attached the first version of the text of this note underneath.


Only the OSS note reflects the most current status.

As stated in the collective note, we have only picked the OSS notes with high priority. Hence, it might be necessary to extend this list by other OSS notes not marked with the same priority, yet proven to be important by the customer base (and the forum community).

Please provide us with every feedback that might be helpful to be rolled-out to the other members of the community (additional OSS notes, processes, etc.). We will incorporate this feedback in the OSS note.

SAP NetWeaver BI Organisation

Contents of OSS Note #978148

Please consider the recommendations in the following 4 sections:

1. Please make sure SNOTE is up-to-date. Make sure the following OSS notes have been applied:


2. These OSS notes are recommended explicitly:

975155: Transaction RSODSO_SETTINGS
941565: PSA Partitioning
948374: NW04s:Dumps im Query Designer when changing conditions/excp

3. Please check SAPBINews note 914303. This note contains a list of OSS notes to fix known issues with SPS9.

4. The following list, which indicates OSS notes that might be applicable after the application of SPS 9, has been compiled on Sep 5, 2006 using the following search criterion:

EXTENDED SEARCH CRITERIA > URGENCY: 'hot news' and 'correction with high priority'

you can also use this search criteria to get the latest list - or even extend the search criteria to all notes that are already known):

77045 BW-BEX           Exception 'INCONSISTENCY' nach Transport von Queries
70757 BW-BEX-ET        Migrating BI Web templates to NW2004s BI which contain chart
69843 BW-BEX-ET-ER     Error during transport of Enterprise report query)
67737 BW-BEX-ET-QDEF   Deleting reusable objects with BEx Query Designer 2004s
24312 BW-BEX-ET-WEB    Chart item parameter changes with parameter LEGEND_VISIBLE
75342 BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-AUT Keine Berechtigung für InfoProvider trotz Berechtigung
70007 BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-AUT No authorization for InfoProvider
67312 BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-AUT Authorization maintenance: Check and Correction of errors
68743 BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ  Offest for compounding is filled incorrectly 
65599 BW-WHM-DBA-ODS   DataStore object: Inconsistencies after deletion of requests
73545 BW-WHM-DST-DTP   70SP10: Transporting error DTPs
70503 BW-WHM-DST-RDA   Error during PUSH in Web service DataSource
67379 BW-WHM-DST-RDA   Parallel loading in Web serv DataSource leads to data loss
71020 BW-WHM-DST-TRF   Authorization check for formulas in the after import
65972 BW-WHM-DST-TRF   Time-dependent master data - no data is read
983372 BW-BEX-OT-BIA   Wrong Data using Hierarchies and BIA in rare cases