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Assign Data Source when loading BM

Mar 22, 2017 at 02:04 PM


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Hi Experts,

and one more question on Bookmarks (as search was not very effective).

On loading a Standard Bookmark i understood that onstartup scripts are not executed, as the global variables etc are all saved within the Bookmark. Are there any scripts that are executed on loading a Bookmark, which can be customized?

The Problem for my case ist that power users and standard users have separate queries, which only differ in the number of Key Figures (power users see more). Usually the query is selected on opening the application, depending on whether the user is power user or not. So far so good. Problem is when a Power user tries to share a Bookmark with a Standard user. Here the data source Needs to be changed or the user cannot see anything, as he is not authorized to Access the power user query.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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Mustafa Bensan Mar 22, 2017 at 03:13 PM

Hi Christian,

Since data sources are embedded with standard bookmarks, the sharing functionality needs to be architected accordingly. In order to allow changing of the data source via scripting after loading of the bookmark I would suggest once again that you use fragment bookmarks instead.

That being said, it is important to consider what it is that you want to share across such bookmarks. For example, if you change the data source after loading the fragment bookmark, you will lose the state of the data source from the original bookmark, including any applied filters etc, which I would think are an important part of what you would want to preserve. If preserving the state of the data source is not important, then what other states of the application would you want to preserve when sharing?



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Former Member Mar 22, 2017 at 03:30 PM

Thanks again Mustafa.

I think we need to review the process of sharing the Bookmarks between Power users and Standard users, as the state of the data source is a vital part of the Bookmark. Removing the filters and Drilldowns would be detrimental.

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You're welcome, Christian. Yes, that's what I suspected would be the case about the importance of the data source state :)

By the way, how are you determining whether a user is a Power User or Standard User on application startup?


Also, regarding the process of sharing Bookmarks between Power Users and Standard Users, one option you could consider implementing to preserve the data source state is as follows:

1. Since the the Power User and Standard User queries are identical except for the additional Key Figures, you could use the Power User queries for both user types but:

(i) If the User is a standard user, apply setFilter() on the Measures Dimension to include only the Standard User Key Figures, otherwise do not filter;

(ii) When a Power User wants to share a bookmark with a Standard User, prior to saving such a bookmark, temporarily filter out the extra key figures and reinstate them after the bookmark is saved.

2. The above approach will rely on Standard Users not being given any options in the application to select their own key figures, or at least not the the Power User key figures.

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Hi Mustafa,

we are building a data source to get Access to the AGR_USERS database table and from there determine the Roles which are assigned to the user (i.e. filter user and then check for Power user role). After that I assign the desired query (power or Standard) to the main data source.

The main Problem currently is that power user queries and Standard queries are build on separate Multi Providers, where the Standard user MP only contains a subset of the key figures.

This concept was designed before the use of Design Studio was approved, so we currently are challenging this concept.