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Transaction SPAU

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have patched our development system yesterday, we will be patching our production system by end of this week. Importing patches were successfully - see screenshot enclosed - indicating that 85 development objects have been found. However, none of these objects can be seen in SPAU with a yellow or red traffic light as expected. Instead, they are marked with a green light.

Example: Search for object MV45AF0B_BELEG_SICHERN in SPAU. It is clearly visible that the actual version of this object has been created by the system based of yesterdays patch. I would have expected that in SPAU the light is yellow or red, instead, the traffic light for this object is green! Thus, working with SPAU it is not possible to see which objects have been changed by the system.

Please provide any advise how to continue and any information on root cause.

Regards, Christian


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir haben unser Entwicklungssystem gestern gepacht, Ende der Woche wollen wir unser Produktivsystem patchen. Der Patch ergab keine Fehler (siehe Screenshot), es wurden 85 development objects gefunden. Diese werden allerdings in der SPAU nicht! angezeigt, die Ampel(n) stehen auf grün.

Beispiel: Objekt MV45AF0B_BELEG_SICHERN. In der Versionsverwaltung ist eindeutig zu erkennen, dass die aktuelle Version diejenige ist, die durch den gestrigen Patch eingespielt wurde. Die Ampel in der SPAU hätte auf gelb / rot stehen müssen, da es sich um eine Kundenmodifikation handelt. Sie steht aber auf grün. Es ist somit in der SPAU nicht erkennbar, an welchen Stellen das System welche Objekt angefasst hat.

Bitte um Hinweis, wie zu verfahren ist und soweit wie möglich Erläuterung der Ursache.

MfG Christian

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  • What do you mean by "patched"? Have you applied support packs? Which level? DEV yesterday and PRD by end of the week? Wow, that's quite, uhm, agile...

    There is no screenshot. But why do you believe this is an anomaly? If memory serves, in SPAU you'll see yellow/red only when some manual resolution is needed. If there is no issue (e.g. you've had a modification as an advanced note correction) and changes could be applied automatically then I'd expect it to be "green". Have you done any further investigation of the objects in question. Not sure I understand what the issue is...

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