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Sep 05, 2006 at 02:36 PM

Problem with Client side eventing in Webdynpro


Hi All,

I have the following scenario to implement in Webdynpro using Client-side eventing.

I have one page consisting of one Portal iview Pv1 and an Webdynpro iview Wd1.

In Pv1, there is an button which fires a client side event named "event1" using

EPCM.raiseEvent( "urn:clientside", "event1", index );

In Wd1, i have two views view1 and view2 and view1 is visible initially. There is a button But1 in view1 to navigate to view2.

Now on the click of the button in Pv1, i need some process to happen in view1 and i implement this by subscribing the portal event:

WDPortalEventing.subscribe("urn:clientside", "event1",wdThis.wdGetAction1Action());

in the Init method of view1 and it works fine.

Now i need to navigate to view2 from view1 and need to use the same event "event1" in view2 also. So, i unsubscribed the event before leaving view2

WDPortalEventing.unsubscribe("urn:clientside", "event1",wdThis.wdGetAction1Action());


And everything worked fine upto this.

When i am in view2, i need to portal button to take me back to view1. i.e., on the click of the button in portal iview, i need to navigate from view2 to view1 in webdynpro iview.

To do this, i used the follwing set of codes in view2

public void wdDoInit()


WDPortalEventing.subscribe("urn:clientside", "event1",wdThis.wdGetAction2Action());


public void onActionaction2( wdEvent )


WDPortalEventing.unsubscribe("urn:clientside", "event1",wdThis.wdGetAction2Action());



But in the end, on the click of the button in portal, i can see the the webdynpro iview navigation to view1 from view2, but suddenly it throws the following error Instance of view controller view2 does not exist.

To summarise my scenario,

When view1 is visible in Wd1 iview, the portal event should do some process in the view1 and it is working fine. When i navigate from view1 to view2, the click of the portal button should take me back to view1 and i am facing error in this step.

I don't find any flaw in my coding i have given above. Correct me if you find any. Or, if you have any other way to implement my scenario, Please reply back.

I would be very thankful for any help.