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Sep 05, 2006 at 01:32 PM

Web Dynpro image not found: The requested resource does not exist


Hi everybody,

I'm experiencing a strange Poltergeist, so I would like to cry out the issue and hope any kind sould could help me 😊

In my WebDynpro application, I show a JPG picture which is located in the own project, that means in "src/mimes/Components/". The image appears correctly in my Development environment, but when the activity is moved to the Consolidation System (I'm using JDI), the image doesn't appear. If I try to access it directly, via URL, the messagen shown is "404 Not found: The requested resource does not exist.." (the URL accessed is http://hostname:port/webdynpro/resources/

The point is that in the same Consolidation environment I have already some applications with images, which are found and loaded without any problem.

I have checked if the image appears in the corresponding active repository and everything seems alright (I mean I can see the file there).

Any idea? It would be really appreciated, since my time to solve the problem expires in few days...

Thank you very much in advance!!

Isidro Lopez