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Sep 05, 2006 at 10:56 AM

Integration of SAP with Lotus Notes


Hi Friends:

How are you all doing? I have a query for you all.


I have a very customer who is currently running on SAP 4.7 Enterprise Edition Version 2. They have Lotus Notes Verison 6.5 Version in place.

<u><b>Business Case:</b></u>

When an employee applies for a leave, his manager should get this notification in to his LOTUS NOTES Inbox.

Right now employee's manager has to logon in SAP to check the same. So the basic requirement is to integrate SAP inbox with the LOTUS NOTES Inbox so that person can get notification of SAP workitem (leave request) in Lotus notes without having to logon to SAP.


1) Customer does not want to upgrade to NetWeaver hence XI will be a expensive solution to accompilish the task.

2) There are third party adapters engines available through which integration can be done at the lowest possible efforts but we are not considering this option.

3) If we upgrade Lotus notes to the version such 7.0, plug-in is inbuilt but we are also not considering this particular option.

<b><i>NOTE:</i></b> We are looking at the cheapest possible option.

<u><b>Request for:</b></u>

Please let me know can it be done using ABAP language. If yes, please send me the link so that i could refer to the alternative.

Early response will be highly appreciated.

<b><i>With Best Regards

Amit Bansal.</i></b>